Cockle satay (Sate Kerang)

1000 g cockle shells
1000 ml water
100 g shredded coconut
3 tablespoon oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
50 g shallot
10 red chilies
10 lime leaves
2 Thai chilies, you can add if you want it hot
3 garlic clove
2 cm ginger, peeled
1 ½ teaspoon coriander

Cooking instructions:
1. Soak the cockle shells in water and salt for a while to remove all the dirt.
2. Wash the shells in running water until it is thoroughly clean.
3. Boil the cockle shells until it is well cooked (we know it is cooked when the shell is open).
4. Take the cockles out from its shells.
5. Toast the shredded coconut in a hot pan until golden.
6. Blend the shredded coconut in a food processor.
7. Bend the red chilies, shallot, garlic, Thai chilies, ginger, lime leaves, and coriander in a food processor.
8. Fry the spice paste for 2 minutes.
9. Add the ground coconut, mix well.
10. Add the cockles, stir carefully, and add a bit of water (100 ml).
11. Let simmer until all the water is gone.
12. Thread the cockles into the skewer.
13. Serve with rice.