Indonesian style meatball soup (Bakso)

Bakso malang 2

Ingredients for the meatball:
500 g ground beef
50 gr tapioca starch
100 cc cold water
1 egg
4 cloves of garlic
½ teaspoon white pepper
2 teaspoon salt

Ingredients for the soup
2 liter of water
600 gr knuckles/ bones
6 clove of garlic
½ teaspoon ground white pepper
2 stalk of spring onion, chopped
10 wan tan, fried
150 g fresh egg noodle
10 tofu, cut into triangle and fried
2 tablespoon fried shallot

Cooking instructions:
1. Blend beef, garlic, white pepper and salt in a food processor.
2. Mix the spice paste, ground beef, tapioca starch, egg, and water.
3. Take 1/3 of the dough as the fried tofu filling.
4. Bring water to boil and lower the heat
5. Shape the dough into a big and small ball either with your hands or with the help of two spoons. Continue until the dough is finished.
6. Boil the meatball until they are floating.
7. Fill the tofu with the 1/3 of the dough and steam for 15 minutes.
8. Blend garlic, white pepper, and salt in a food processor.
9. Boil water and knuckles in a pan.
10. Use the broth to make soup by adding the spice paste and some spring onion.
11. Arrange the meatball, egg noodle and tofu in a bowl.
12. Add the soup and sprinkle with fried shallot and spring onion.
13. Serve immediately with fried wan tan.